TCI Funding

TCI Funding was founded with the sole purpose of providing Emergency and Non-emergency transportation financing, PERIOD! Since we specialize in one industry, our team of finance experts are able to make sure they tailor your loan to your specific needs.

Why TCI Funding?

TCI Funding has the experience and industry knowledge to get you the loan you deserve. Too often time is wasted applying to lending institutions that don't understand your business, or the financial needs of your business. TCI's underwriting know how and loan products make it easy to provide the lowest rate and terms. From A to F Credit even STARTUPS, we have the loan product suited to your business.

Finance Products Offered

- Closed End Lease

- Open End Track Lease

- Finance Loan

- Municipal Loan

- Municipal Lease

What do we Finance?

- Ambulances

- Commercial Mobility Vans

- Commercial Mobility Transport Minibus (need wheelchair lift to be eligible)

- 15 Passenger Vans (NEMT Commercial Service only)